Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Website Design Approach

We are a media solutions company that takes pride in helping small and medium size companies to achieve their business goals by using current media technologies. We strive to make big company technology available and affordable for everyone.
Many website development companies will ask their customers to pay for the development of already existing software functionality. First Step Media’s goal is to lower our customer’s cost of doing business by leveraging already existing website functionality. We specialize in the implementation of customized solutions using existing and proven website technologies.  

What are the benefits to using already existing platforms?

• Lower cost of development
• Proven technology architecture
• Reduced development lifecycle and quicker time to market

Although we do custom development when unique functionality is required, we have focused on supporting the DotNetNuke open architecture platform.  DotNetNuke was originally developed by Microsoft in 2002 and has since been expanded and enhanced by the DotNetNuke open source community.  Currently DotNetNuke is being used by thousands of production websites (read more at http://www.dotnetnuke.com) and has 700,000 registered community members. 

We have selected DotNetNuke as our primary platform because it is:

• Easy to use and customers can manage their own content
• Flexible and extensible enough to grow with your business requirements
• Highly scalable to accommodate your website traffic as it grows

Please feel free to preview some of the sites that we have developed and feel free to contact us for more information.

Website Design Examples
Passionate Dreamers
Passionate Dreamers

Laura Deisher is a Mary Kay Sales Director and uses this site for her team building and communications.  The style and structure of this website is iPhone and mobile friendly.

Training Development Site
Training Development Site
The www.trainreview.com was developed for Northrop Grumman as a departmental training solutions site.
Rudowskes Ministry Site
Rudowskes Ministry Site
The www.rudowskes.com is used as a vehicle to keep Rich Rudowskes financial supporters current on the work being done in Africa.
This website was designed for easy maintenance by non-technical users.
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