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Subject: Steps to Migration 2.5.1 Client to 3.2 Co-branded Build
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06/26/2010 10:04 AM  

For client installation, please follow the below steps to migrate the existing generic (non-branded) install to the MediaSafe build installation:

Download the newest version of MediaSafe at:

1. Note down the StoreGrid ID of your installation.

2. Stop StoreGrid.
3. Create a temporary folder (i.e. C:\SGTEMP\) and copy the following directories to the temporary folder:
   Copy '\Program Files\Vembu\StoreGrid\conf' to D:\SGTemp\conf
   Copy '\Program Files\Vembu\StoreGrid\report' to D:\SGTemp\report
   Copy '\Program Files\Vembu\StoreGrid\plugins' to D:\SGTemp\plugins
   Copy '\Program Files\Vembu\StoreGrid\data to C:\SGTEMP\data
4. Uninstall the existing installation. Please note that you should not delete the old installation directory especially '\Vembu\StoreGrid\plugin-data' location which is the default location for 'System State' or 'Exchange Server' or 'MSSQL Server'. If you have configured different dump location instead of default location then you should not delete that dump location.
5. Install MediaSafe with the same StoreGrid Id as before in the previous installation. After installing MediaSafe, choose the option not to start Mediasafe immediately after install. MediaSafe can be started after a little tweak in the installation.
NOTE: Step 5 is crucial because when MediaSafe starts, it will automatically create the DB files afresh, as this is a fresh installation. If this step is missed, the StoreGrid internal DB [\data\*.db] files would have been renamed as *.db.old under the " \First Step Media\MediaSafe\data\" directory.
6. Delete the \First Step Media\MediaSafe\data\dbpopulation.txt file in the now completed fresh MediaSafe installation. NOTE: This step is crucial as the text file will make MediaSafe install internal DBs afresh.
7.  Copy the C:\SGTemp\data\ directory to ' \First Step Media\MediaSafe\data\'.
8. Copy C:\SGTemp\report to ' \First Step Media\MediaSafe\report'.
9. Rename the Copy ' \First Step Media\MediaSafe\plugins' as ' \First Step Media\MediaSafe\plugins-build'
10. Copy the C:\SGTemp\plugins to ' \First Step Media\MediaSafe\plugins'.
11. If you have done all the steps correctly then you can Start MediaSafe from program menu or icon tray.
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