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Subject: Prayer Journal - Online
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PhilUser is Offline


04/13/2011 5:11 PM  
Hi there,

I am enjoying using Prayer Journal on my Android. Thanks for developing this application.

I often, nearly all the time, get all prayer requests in the form of an email, a newsletter or some sort of PDF file. This means that the prayer request is on my computer.

As such, it would be great if Prayer Journal could:

- Allow us to create\manage\organise all prayer requests online through a web browser, then this would sync to the Android phone. So essentially I could do everything through the Android as I do today, but in addition, I could access and perform all actions from the web browser as well. Formatting and copying data on the computer is simpler and quicker that doing these actions direct from the phone.

- Have the ability to create groups. For example, I might like to have a group called Missionaries, another called Family, and another called Friends. In these groups, I could manage the various prayer requests and keep track of them.

Thank you again for making this app :)

PhilUser is Offline


04/13/2011 5:20 PM  
Sorry, I forgot another feature request, but this is probably related to the above Groups...

In the example of one of the missionaries I support, they often send a newsletter with say 6 prayer requests. At the moment, I need to go into Prayer Journal and create 6 separate prayer requests.

The issue here is that they are not linked to that missionary in a simple manner. It is also hard to track the history of prayer requests over the last say 6 months for that particular missionary.

I was thinking that you could have:
CATEGORY: Missionary Joe\Jane Bloggs
Request 1 - own title and you can close this request
Request 2 - again, own title, yet I may choose to leave this request open
Request 3 - as above...I may close this one, or leave it open
NOTE: So with each request above, its linked to the category, and each request can be updated individually and have an alarm\reminder for each request.

By doing it this way, all prayer requests for that missionary are in their group and it will be easy to track all their requests over a period of months\years.

I hope this all helps.

Randy HoldemanUser is Offline


04/18/2011 9:04 AM  
Thanks for the suggestions and we have added them to our development list. We greatly appreciate the feedback since it drives the direction that we take with the prayer journal. The online access of the prayer journal is something that we have discussed internally and want to move in that direction. The groupings by prayer category is a good idea and we will have to see how to best fit that into our current paradigm.

Keep the sugguestions coming :)
Best Regards,

DonUser is Offline


07/18/2012 7:38 AM  
Just wanted to add my "Amen" to this feature requests and to suggest the possibility of importing the Google doc back into the prayer journal so that it essentially becomes a backup in the "cloud"
nlonginowUser is Offline


11/07/2012 7:20 AM  
Our latest release includes Google Docs import. Thanks for your request!
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