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Subject: Importing
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09/07/2012 3:13 PM  
There was no section on importing in your Help section. I had to recently restore the factory settings on my phone and exported my entire journal to Google Docs. Now I realize that files can only be imported from the SD card (they are completely different formats). You really ought to make some notes or distinction about this in the program or documentation (or did I miss it) I love the program but am very disappointed that there seems no way to restore my journal. Or am I missing something? Are there any plans to add importing from Google Docs functionality?
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11/07/2012 7:18 AM  
We've just posted a new release that has this feature.
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11/07/2012 10:28 AM  
Hey this is great progress. I really appreciate you pursuing this feature. I updated my PJ and was able to authorize my Google Docs page and it saw the previous journals. I selected the one I was trying to restore and it started importing then I got this error message:

Read Failure. Line#86: Null

Same message with both Docs i have backed up. Any ideas?
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11/07/2012 11:46 AM  
Hi - it depends on how long ago that document was exported to Google. We've made some format changes. Things that were uploaded recently (past few months) should import just fine. If not, it might be a bug I'll need to fix. I'll take a look at the code.

Before that happens, if you want to get those journals into your phone, and you dont mind spending a little time working with the app, try this. Take one of your phone jounals and export that to Google. Then compare the format of the new file, and try to see if you can edit the Journals you care about importing (ie, the older ones) and make them fit the format of the newer export you just did (with the latest application). You can probably do a little touchup and make it work.

I've attached a copy of the export format for the previous version ("Fromver22.journal") and one for the new format ("Aarons rod that budded.journal") for examples.

Finally (sorry for the long response) you are always welcome to email me a copy of a Google journal file (delete most of the entry contents so it's not personal) and I will use it to fix the application. Then, I'll post a fix that will work for your case.

Anyhow. Hopefully this helps, and thanks for your use of the application and comments!


(actually, I couldnt attach files to this forum. If you send me an email at the address below, I will send the examples to you.
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