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Subject: Tethering your Droid to your Laptop
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06/03/2010 3:09 PM  


Droid Instructions:             Tethering your Droid to your Computer
The following instructions will walk you through the steps necessary in order to tether your Droid to your computer. These instructions assume that you have already installed PDANet ( software on your Droid and on your computer.
Here are the basic steps:
STEP 1)             Turn on your Droid phone
STEP 2)             Press on the Settings ICON
STEP 3)             Press on Applications
STEP 4)             Press on Development
STEP 5)             Press on USB Debugging
STEP 6)             Press OK to allow debugging
STEP 7)             Press Home Icon to go to the Droid Home Page
STEP 8)             Press on the PDANet Icon
STEP 9)             Press “Enable USB Tether”
STEP 10)           Connect the Droid to your computer with USB cable
STEP 11)           Make sure that your PDANet Desktop Icon is in the lower right hand tray
STEP 12)           Right mouse click on the PDANet Icon and select Connect.
Reverse these instructions to terminate the Droid Tethering.


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