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Subject: Install Goldmine on Windows 7
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03/28/2010 4:57 PM  
Attached is our latest compatibility matrix; the reason Windows7 is not officially supported is that GMPE was released before Windows7 was GA.

NOTE: Windows7 is not a supported environment for GoldMine Corperate Edition. As a courtesy and in a best effort to assist the steps used are below.

NOTE: These steps come with no guarantee and are provided AS IS

1- In the runline type MSCONFIG >> Tools tab >> Change UAC settings >> Launch
2- Set the UAC to the lowest setting and click OK
3- Reboot the workstation
4- Make sure that a drive is mapped from the Workstation to the GM directory on the server
5- Copy the installer for GM7 from server GoldMine\Setup\GoldMine to the local workstation desktop.
6- Right click the installer and click "Run as Administrator"
7- When prompted make sure a full instlall is selected and to an existing database browse to GoldMine folder on server.
8- Finish the local install
9- Verify GM functions
10- Copy the installers for GM Link and GISMO to the workstation desktop.
11- Right click and "Run as Administrator" for the GM Link first and install
12- Key GM user credentials when prompted.
13- Right click and "Run as Administrator" for the GISMO installer and complete the install.
14- Key GM user credentials when prompted.
15- Reboot when prompted
16- Verify functionality of GM Link and GISMO
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