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Subject: Adding wMobile Shortcut to Droid Home Page
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06/03/2010 3:32 PM  


Droid Instructions:             Adding wMobile Shortcut to Droid Home Page
The following instructions will walk you through the steps necessary in order to add a wMobile shortcut to your Droid home page. 
Here are the basic steps:
STEP 1)             Turn on your Droid phone
STEP 2)             Press on the World Icon for browsing the Internet
STEP 3)             Enter the URL for your wMobile site.
STEP 4)             Sign in to wMobile using your Goldmine credentials
STEP 5)             Select the “My Preferences” menu option from the wMobile menu
STEP 6)             Select the “One Click Logon” menu option
STEP 7)             Press the “Bookmark” Icon in the upper right hand corner of the Droid
STEP 8)             Press “Add Bookmark”
STEP 9)             Change the bookmark description and press “OK”
STEP 10)           Return to your Droid home page
STEP 11)           Press and hold your finger on the home page where you want the new shortcut to be located
STEP 12)           Select “Shortcuts”
STEP 13)           Select “Bookmark”
STEP 14)           Select the wMobile bookmark that was saved earlier.
STEP 15)           Done! You know have a bookmark on the home page that will automatically log you into wMobile.


Click here to watch a complete video tutorial


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